Listed below are designed Professional Development Workshops and Student Presentations, but please note that we can create workshops and presentations to address your organization’s specific needs.


Stop the Bullying!

Services 1Services 2“Bullying is the purposeful attempt to control another person through verbal abuse, (which can be expressed in tone of voice or in content such as teasing and threats) exclusion, or unwanted physical contact. While some tie the characteristics of “peer abuse” and “repeated activity” into the definition of bullying, other acknowledge single instances and age difference..

Bullycide is the act of committing suicide as a result of being bullied. Children and teens who are victims of this behavior live in a constant state of fear and confusion. Many feel that the only way to escape the rumors, insults, verbal abuse, threats, physical abuse, and terror is to take their own life.

Cyber-Bullying is the repeated use of technology and/or social media networks to intentionally harm or harass other people.

TRUTHLINK 2150 creates an awareness around the issues of bullying, cyber-bullying and “bullycide.” Awareness of the issue is only the first part in stopping and preventing bullying in schools. There are some people that think that bullying is just a part of life and that all kids do it. The truth is that not all kids do it and that it can be stopped and prevented. Creating awareness around this issue is essential. One major area of emphasis in stopping the bullying dilemma is to expose the bully as one who is mentally ill as opposed to criminal-minded! In the schools where bullying is prevalent there is a lack of support around reporting, speaking up, and making everyone aware of the issue. TRUTHLINK begins this presentation with a definition and story associated with bullying that will leave his audiences so spellbound that every student will want to put an end to bullying in their school once and for all!!

deputybadgeD.E.P.U.T.Y Direct Effective Positive Uplifting Today’s Youth

A lesson in foresight, insight, and hindsight, as it relates to dealing with the behavior of children. This presentation or workshop includes the use of “postvention,” and the unforeseen problems within intervention. Because today’s children are aggressive, physical, and object-oriented, TRUTHLLINK 2150 stresses awareness, consciousness, and consistency. A prevention, intervention program designed to equip middle and high school students with the necessary skills to remain in school as eager and cooperative students and reside in their communities as positive, peer role models and productive citizens. TRUTHLINK 2150, Inc., Dr. Andrus is the DEPUTY; he wears solider clothes to suggest to his youthful audience that he is willing to go to battle for them and go to battle with them as he uses his gifts and passion for the benefit of the youth to bring about positive results in their lives. Because the audiencesare adolescents, Dr. TRUTH strategically adds-a-lesson by way of his use of storytelling to invoke the thinking minds of his various audiences. DEPUTY can be designed, tailored, and tweaked to conform to any youth-filled audience of any race, culture, creed, which can include different socio- economic status.


Understanding Adolescent BehaviorThe goals of this workshop are to assist professionals working with youth in understanding the nature and social conditions surrounding youth, and learn to more collectively work toward understanding the context and the process that govern behavior during the development stage entitled adolescence.

Cultural Diversity: The Process

Dr. Andrus and the TRUTHLINK team take the subject of diversity to a whole other level which can in some instances embrace distance and division because of unwanted CHANGE. This is explained away by exposing the underlying, subtleties of ignorance, ethnocentrism, lack of exposure, and the biggest monster of all….FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). Once the fear of inclusion of others is exposed and dismissed, Dr. Andrus then presents his audiences with the positives and the delights of working and living in a diverse society or workplace. No more “either/or” we now enjoy “and/both.”

For Mature Audiences

Who Let The Dogs Out?

This program is a comprehensive, cohesive, in-depth training designed to reacquaint today’s professionals with the practice of professionalism.
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This fun and throught-provoking workshop is an effective integration of staff members with work principles and flexible techniques that can provide consistency, quality, and an atmosphere of professionalism in the workplace. The dogs are used in the presentation as a colorful way of illustrating the following factors of productivity:
1) how different generations show up in the workplace; and,
2) how this ideological mix can be either complementary or perhaps cause conflict.
Stress Management Services 9

Constantly reflecting on the past through feelings of guilt and trying to interpret the future that is not yet upon us causes the human body to be pulled simultaneously in opposite directions. Simply stated, stress is undue pressure resulting from failure to live in the present moment. Dr. Andrus takes his audience through a workshop that they will never forget as it relates to making the ultimate decision: Do I want to manage the stress in my life or do I want to place more emphasis on management of my life to lessen the stress? What a decision to make!!!!!!!



Stress is undue pressure resulting from failure to live in the present moment.

Keeping the REAL in RelationshipsServices 10

Relationships are a vital part of the overall societal process. How we view each another determines how we relate to each other. Since our views are always changing, so will the manner in which we relate to each other will also undergo change. Personal and intimate relationships change all the time however not necessarily for the better. Dr. Andrus has
created an exciting and challenging workshop on “responsible relationships.” Responsible Relationships is designed to challenge the audience to learn to see and maximize the good in personal, intimate relationships by changing ones viewpoint of the relationship. When the viewpoint is changed, so will the direction of the relationship change from
tolerate/eliminate to flow in the opposite direction, which is appreciate/celebrate!!



Dr. Andrus reacquaints his audiences with the proud work ethic of America that has always been the prevailing theme for the nation. During hard times America lends help when and where needed; when the help needed becomes a handout undeserved, then America makes the tough decision of when and how to draw the line. Dr. Andrus enlightens and encourages his audiences with his version of “feed him a fish or teach him to fish” Dr. Andrus changes the entitlement mindset to “turning water into wine and turning stones into bread.”