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Danna “Dr. TRUTH” Andrus, D.D., LMFT


Dr. Danna Andrus, also known to many as “Dr. TRUTH”, is a native of Louisiana, more specifically of New Orleans, the Crescent City. He is also a product of the Orleans Parish School system. After graduating from McDonough No. 35 Senior High School, Dr. Andrus enlisted in the United States Marine Corp and served for 7 consecutive years. Dr. Andrus also dedicated 4 years of service to the United States Army and 3 additional years of service to the United States Air Force. Because of his extensive military background Dr. Andrus understands the need for discipline and structure in the lives of all people.

Dr. Andrus is married and the proud parent of 5 biological children, 2 stepchildren, and 1 grandchild. He is overwhelmingly proud of his oldest daughter, Sha’Ellen (Sha) who was diagnosed 35 years ago with a severe genetic disability that has caused her extreme mental and physical limitations. Having raised “Sha” alone for most of her life, Dr. Andrus has learned from experience that the power of an unconditional faith and a spirit of perseverance can be the difference between giving up when all hope appears to be lost and holding steadfast to a firm belief that despite appearances,” He meant it for my good.” As a dedicated father, Dr. Andrus understands the need for demonstrating appropriate parenting and role-modeling principles for children to enable them to see and ultimately to emulate what is right.

Upon returning to New Orleans, Dr. Andrus furthered his education by completing his Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, and earned a Master of Arts Degree in Education: Marriage and Family Therapy from Our Lady of Holy Cross College. Dr. Andrus is currently a practicing Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for the state of Louisiana , a Board Certified Professional Counselor  and Board Certified Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Clinician through the American Psychotherapy Association, a Doctor of Divinity, a member of the National Speakers Association, a member of the International Speaker’s Network, an adjunct professor, a certified instructor for the American Red Cross, a mental health provider for Magellan Health Services, an early childhood educational consultant through Louisiana Pathways, a mental health provider for 5 Head Start agencies in four North Central Louisiana parishes, and a published author of two books. Dr. Andrus is an advocate of higher education and a firm believer in pursuing one’s dream and vision.

Dr. Andrus has been described as a consummate professional motivational speaker, both locally and nationally. Dr. Andrus delivers uplifting and enriching messages to audiences of all ages, races, cultures, and religious denominations. His energetic physical approach, his use of visual aids, his soul-stirring storytelling, has proven effective in connecting with his audiences. Dr. Andrus is reaping continued success as he and the TRUTHLINK 2150 organization continue to move in a positive direction in the 21st century. Also as a consultant, arbitrator, mediator, and urban youth specialist, Dr. Andrus is able to meet the needs of our fast-pace, ever-changing society on all levels. His flexibility, versatility, and fluidity of thought assists and aids him in understanding the complexities of today’s society and he applies his unique style to assist him in rendering solutions to what others might view as perplexing and difficult challenges.

Gifted with these qualities, Dr. Andrus is ever vigilant in keeping abreast of the issues that revolve around the human and social consciousness of the day. Using a social-cultural approach Dr. Andrus addresses issues concerning family, marriage, relationships, fiancés, youth, health, fitness, school violence, conflict resolution, bullying, and a host of other topics. Whether he is conducting workshops, seminars, delivering motivational speeches, or sermons, Dr. Andrus stands proudly among the ranks of the needed voices of optimism for the 21st century.

The literary side of the consummate Dr. Andrus is taking him to higher heights as a positive voice for change in this century. Dr. Andrus has written a book entitled “Man in the HOOD,” his prescription for the re-creation of the positive male image. The book gives a well defined chronological explanation of what real manhood should be, how the many challenges in the male experience came to be, and what can be done systematically to recreate a stronger and more positive male image that can be a possibility for us all to celebrate!! Institution at all levels are amazed at what a great impact such a small, easy to read book is making on the readers everywhere!! Dr. TRUTH never misses an opportunity to say regarding his book, “Read the book, don’t wait for the movie!!”

Dr. Andrus strongly believes in the motto, “To get what you want, you have to be willing to assist others in getting what they want” And to that end, Dr. Andrus has combined ranks with the popular John C. Maxwell International Leadership Team, a group of certified expects trained to provide a vast number of professional services to include developing organizational leadership, mentoring, understanding personality profiles, effective communication maximizing efficiency in the workplace, and a host of other related subjects. It is through the John Maxwell Team experience that Dr. Andrus will selflessly use his gift of public speaking in different organizations in different countries around the world.

This is the condensed version of the life of Danna “Dr. TRUTH” Andrus. He is truly a multi-faceted man and he lives by affirming the following:

“If you lose money, you lose a lot. If you lose friends, you lose even more;but if you lose Hope, you have lost it ALL!”

Let us Keep Hope ALIVE!!!